Disable User Account Control (UAC)

Written: 07/21/13

Last Updated: 07/21/13

This techtorial will teach you how to disable User Account Control (UAC). UAC is a security measure to ensure that programs requesting administrative privileges will only be run by users who have administrative privileges.

A UAC prompt looks something like the below image. In that example, CMD (command prompt) was being requested to be run as Administrator.


Note that if you disable UAC, you will now run programs requiring administrative privileges by default. This should bypass the need for having to right-click on an application and click on “Run as Administrator”, that being said, there may be certain situations where you will still need to run programs as Administrator.

To disable UAC, click on the start menu and type “Change User Account Control Settings” and press enter.


Move the slider down to “Never notify” and press “OK”.


When the UAC prompt appears, press “Yes”.


You will now need to reboot your computer (logging out and back in will not work). Once you have rebooted, you will no longer have UAC prompts.

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