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Gentoo Kernel Articles Completed!

I have finally finished writing the articles describing how to configure the Gentoo Kernel for use inside of VMware Player. These articles took me much longer than I had anticipated, but they are finally here! Start off with the general overview. Then choose one of the following configuration settings: minimal manual, optimized manual, or automatic. […]

Gentoo Series Update

I was intending on having the kernel portion of the VMware Gentoo series completed a while ago. This section is taking me a lot longer than I had anticipated, and will actually be split into four separate articles. Due to the delay on my part, and the interest of others, I wanted to let everyone […]

Parts 2 & 3 of Gentoo VMware series completed!

I just finished writing up the next two parts in my series of installing Gentoo in VMware Player. These two articles are the first steps involved in actually installing Gentoo. You can access the first article here and the second article here. The next article will deal with configuring the kernel.

Installing Gentoo in VMware Player – Part II

Installing Gentoo in VMware Player – Part II This techtorial is the third article in my installing Gentoo in VMware Player series. This article picks up with the Gentoo installation where the previous article left off, and will cover chapters five and six of the Gentoo handbook. If you are just now joining this series, start with my […]