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Using RunAs With a Password

Using RunAs With a Password There are certain situations where it is desirable to launch programs under the Administrator account, through the use of a batch file or other similar means. This techtorial will show you how to do exactly that, using the built-in command “RunAs”. More specifically, I present a sort of trick to […]

Scheduling Hidden Tasks

Scheduling Hidden Tasks This techtorial will teach you how to run scheduled batch files, completely hidden, from the windows task scheduler. Before following this tutorial, you need to follow this tutorial on how to run invisible batch files. Click on the start orb and type “Task Scheduler”, then click on “Task Scheduler”. In […]

"Invisible" Batch Files

"Invisible" Batch Files This techtorial will teach you how to create a batch file that will launch completely hidden. I do not mean starting it minimized, but rather making it entirely transparent to the user, such that it will appear that the batch file was never run. This can be used for many […]

Batch Files - Windows Firewall

Batch Files - Windows Firewall This article will focus on how to create rules for Windows Firewall, through the use of batch files. Specifically, the topics shown here will discuss how to create a whitelist/blacklist for a desired application. A whitelist is a list of IP addresses that are considered to be trusted; any IP […]

Batch Files - Overview

Batch Files - Overview A batch file is a type of script that is interpreted through the command interpreter. Specifically, a batch file will be interpreted by cmd.exe. For those of you unfamiliar, this is the shell program for command prompt. Command prompt can be used to perform a various number of tasks, some […]