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Dear Readers,

I know many of you have been wondering when I would make my next techtorial. If you have been reading the comments, you’ll know that I have been busy with my thesis work. I also recently got married πŸ˜€

My thesis work is winding down, and I finally have something to show the public. I have recently submitted my first research article. A preprint is available on arXiv. The work focuses on a machine learning algorithm called hierarchical temporal memory (HTM). HTM was inspired by the functionality and structure of the neocortex. Upon its creation it was purely an algorithm. My work provides a mathematical basis for the algorithm.

For those of you inclined to “play” with the algorithm, as always, I have made my code open source. You may access the code base on my GitHub. I additionally have generated documentation for the full API, which is available right here on my website.

While this work encompasses the bulk of my contributions, I still have to finish off my thesis. I’m hoping to release some more code, and I plan to provide a link to it once it is finished. As for the future of this blog, I can’t be certain the direction I plan to take. But, I am tinkerer and I love to code, so I’m sure there will be more posts πŸ™‚


PS – I forgot to announce this release, but I created a basic artificial neural network (ANN) toolkit for Python, dubbed “annt”. You can check it out, here.

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  1. xianliang wu responded:

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    Dear James:
    Would you like to release your master thesis? We have to wait to Thursday, May 25, 2017 to download. I would like to follow your formulation to find out what is meaning of this blog. Generative SDRs Thank you very much.

    • I cannot release it, at this time. There is material that is pending publication elsewhere. Once that material has been published I will release it. I’m hoping that it will be sooner than ’17. That date was picked to ensure that we will have sufficient time.

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