Parts 2 & 3 of Gentoo VMware series completed!

I just finished writing up the next two parts in my series of installing Gentoo in VMware Player. These two articles are the first steps involved in actually installing Gentoo.

You can access the first article here and the second article here.

The next article will deal with configuring the kernel.

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  1. Keith Fite responded:

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    Very good, Simple explanation’s. Love it, because you have made it Simple….

  2. Juraj responded:

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    where is Installing Gentoo in VMware Player – Part III ?????

    • I think my naming convention got confusing:

      Part I
      Part II
      Part III

      As for part IV – It’s in the works! It will cover the kernel and has become quite involved (it will be split into three sections); it is taking me longer than expected to write. I’m hoping to have something posted by the end of this coming weekend.

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