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I was intending on having the kernel portion of the VMware Gentoo series completed a while ago. This section is taking me a lot longer than I had anticipated, and will actually be split into four separate articles. Due to the delay on my part, and the interest of others, I wanted to let everyone know that I am working on the series, but that I need a little more time. This section is roughly 80% of the way completed, and should be finished soon, depending on how busy I am. Unfortunately, I have other things to tend to, so I only have time on the weekends to work on the articles. Check back, weekly, for further updates!

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  1. I’ve been a fan of Gentoo for nearly as long as Gentoo has been around. I “discovered” Gentoo after I’d messed around with LFS (Linux From Scratch) and for a few years I practically lived on the Gentoo Forums.

    I’d been looking for a good, solid and thorough guide to installing Gentoo in a VM and am extremely pleased with the highly detailed tutorials you’ve provided. I’d nearly given up, as each time I found someone working on a Gentoo Virtual Machine they would soon afterward lose interest and it would stagnate.

    So, for what it’s worth, I really do thank you for the tremendous amount of work you must have had to dedicate to these tutorials. In a day in which short attention spans have contributed to countless online tutorials that get half-way through a project and then suddenly stop without warning because the writer lost interest, it’s refreshing to see someone (you) actually complete a tutorial like the ones you have here.

    So again, thank you!

    • Thank you. I’m glad my tutorials have helped others. I try to pick undocumented, difficult topics to write about. That’s exactly how this series started. I wanted to make a Gentoo VM, found very little info on how to do it, and kept at it until I made it work. The kernel part was particularly “fun” – I went through every single option in the kernel, researched it, and set it to an appropriate value.

      I particularly enjoy Gentoo, and I wanted to share it with others. I’ve had many friends look at it and run away due to how difficult it can be to get started. I figured this series would give people with a moderate amount of interest a good way to get started, without having to mess around with separate boot partitions, etc….

      This series still has a bit left before it is completed, but the primary components are in place. Aside from installing VMware tools, the rest of the base process follows the Gentoo Handbook.

      With that stated – I plan to finish this series this coming summer, as soon as I get a break from my graduate studies.

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