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New Search Capabilities

The search capabilities on this site used to be pretty much useless. I have fixed that problem by replacing the default search engine. All searches should now return better results. Go ahead and try it out! Here are some of the basic features: 1) Keywords are highlighted in orange 2) Results are returned in order […]

Site Optimizations

Site Optimizations I’ve been working on improving my overall website’s speed. I’ve just setup my site to use CloudFlare as my CDN. You should notice an overall speedup of the site. I’ve also implemented some advanced caching features, such that once you’ve visited a page, when you return to it, it should load almost instantly, assuming it […]

Site Updates

I’ve been hard at work on getting this site up and running. My current project is to develop a good site navigation. With regards to my tutorials, I’ve added all of the content that I had previously written. The Cygwin series starts here. The bit on Batch Files can be found here and here. Once […]

Site Created

Nothing fancy on this post. It’s mainly just to test out site functionality. Anyway, I just “finished” my home page. Off to a decent start. Still lots more to do!

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