Coin Flipping Probabilities

Prelude It’s been a while since I’ve written anything on my website, and I decided to instead do something a bit different. This post is inspired by real life events! It was December 31st 2018, we had friends over, and we were naturally playing board games. This time we were playing Secret Hitler. In that […]

New Research Publication

After a long road of working to get my original preprint published, I am proud to announce that we have recently published this in Frontiers! The full publication is freely available on their website, here. This new publication includes a number of improvements over the original. Take a look and let me know what you […]

New Research Publication

Dear Readers, I know many of you have been wondering when I would make my next techtorial. If you have been reading the comments, you’ll know that I have been busy with my thesis work. I also recently got married 😀 My thesis work is winding down, and I finally have something to show the […]

Machine Learning Datasets

I just started a repo for working with datasets for machine learning applications. Right now it is quite basic, but it’s pretty modular, so if you wanted to work this into your own dataset it should be fine. Click here for more details.

DDoS Attack

Apparently the server my site is on is currently undergoing a DDoS attack. I apologize for the recent downtime. My traffic is being temporarily re-routed, so the site should be OK, for now. I do not believe my specific site was targeted, but due to shared hosting, it still ended up affecting me.

Gentoo Kernel Articles Completed!

I have finally finished writing the articles describing how to configure the Gentoo Kernel for use inside of VMware Player. These articles took me much longer than I had anticipated, but they are finally here! Start off with the general overview. Then choose one of the following configuration settings: minimal manual, optimized manual, or automatic. […]

Gentoo Series Update

I was intending on having the kernel portion of the VMware Gentoo series completed a while ago. This section is taking me a lot longer than I had anticipated, and will actually be split into four separate articles. Due to the delay on my part, and the interest of others, I wanted to let everyone […]

Parts 2 & 3 of Gentoo VMware series completed!

I just finished writing up the next two parts in my series of installing Gentoo in VMware Player. These two articles are the first steps involved in actually installing Gentoo. You can access the first article here and the second article here. The next article will deal with configuring the kernel.

New Technical Series

I have decided to start a new series. This series will focus on installing Gentoo inside of VMware Player. I just finished the first article, explaining how to configure the virtual machine. You can read it here. I hope to have the series completed within a week, but at the very least I will keep […]

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