Scheduling Hidden Tasks

Written: 06/30/13

Last Updated: 06/30/13

This techtorial will teach you how to run scheduled batch files, completely hidden, from the windows task scheduler. Before following this tutorial, you need to follow this tutorial on how to run invisible batch files.

Click on the start orb and type “Task Scheduler”, then click on “Task Scheduler”.


In the window that appears, click on “Create Task…”.


Give it some name and description and then click on the “Triggers” tab.


Click on “New…”.


Fill this out, according to your desired schedule. For this example, I will assume that we want to run our task weekly. When you are satisfied, click on “OK”.


Click on the “Actions” tab and then click “New…”.

Make sure the action type is “Start a program”. In the “Program/script” field, type “wscript.exe”. In the “Add arguments” field type in the full path to your VBScript. If you followed the first method and you have the invis.vbs file as well as the run.vbs file. You will want that field to look something like:

"D:\Desktop\invis.vbs" "D:\Desktop\run.bat"

If you built it into your VBS, then you will only need to specify the full path to your VBScript. Make sure to include the double quotes, especially if your path has spaces in it. When you are done, click “OK”.


Feel free to change other parameters on the “Conditions” and “Settings” tabs. When you are done, click “OK” to return to the main Task Scheduler window.

If you want to test your task to ensure that it is working, simply right click on it, and click “Run”. While the actual task will be hidden, you can check in the task scheduler to see if it is executing. Look for “cmd.exe”. You can also edit your batch file to simply open notepad.exe. This will provide a quick check to see if it works.


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